Ollamac Pro Roadmap

Features we are working on and planning to work on in the future.

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In progress

Features we are currently working on.

  • Code Snippets

    Copy/Paste the code snippets generated by the model directly from the chat in various programming languages.


Features we are planning to work on in the near future.

  • Branching

    Turn a linear chat discussion into infinite forked discussions.

  • Chat with documents

    Upload documents and chat with the model using the content of the document.


Features already implemented in Ollamac Pro.

  • Model parameters

    Quick access to all model parameters from the chat right-bar. Give the ability to change the model parameters on the fly and see the results in real-time.

  • History editing

    Allow users to edit the chat history and re-run the model with the new data.

  • Multi-servers

    Ability to create profiles for several Ollama servers (local or remote).

  • Multi-modal

    Multi-modal support. Ability to chat with models that support text and images.

  • Initial release

    Initial release of Ollamac Pro with the basic features: chat, system prompt, model selection, and model running.